Artist Biography

Coreen Zuniga has been studying art since she was a child, encouraged by her artistic family. Her upbringing has always been based around the arts and musical arts.

In 2011, Coreen became a student at the University of Colorado Denver, pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts with emphasis in Photography. She then became a Event Photographer for the College of Arts and Media at CU Denver, for two years, shooting various music and theater productions. Her photos were used commercially to educate the public and the community of the arts program. She also volunteers as a photo journalist for the Denver Film Festival documenting screenings from directors and actors and her photos were published in the Denver Post.

Coreen has completed her BFA at CU Denver and her BFA Thesis Exhibition took place in the Fall of 2014 where she exhibited her work at the Emmanuel Gallery on the Auraria Campus, Downtown Denver.

Currently, she works as a Portrait, Event and Real Estate photographer in the Denver Metro Area.